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Saturday, February 02, 2013

this entry brought to you by boston, "foreplay/ long time"

I missed about a month altogether there, but this marks my 1900th entry. In just 100 entries, I'll be doing my Two Thousandth Entry, which is-- is that unprecedented in the blogosphere? Sure, why the hell not? Here's to hoping I can get to that number without missing a day.

Anyway, as usual, this is the best of the previous 100. Ordinarily it's difficult to cut my list down to just twenty, but this last 100 was pretty weak, so I had no problem doing it. I'm hoping I just had a downturn-- this would definitely not be the only time I felt my previous 100 was weak-- and I'll be able to get back into gear as I head to the 2000th. Here's hoping!

Regardless of whether the last 100 was strong as a whole or not, there are still gems, and I think I've got myself a solid list here. Of course, you can look over the best of the previous 100 here.


I don't know if this is something that anyone else can relate to, but whenever I played Truth or Dare with a group of people in high school things always turned out bad.

Just so you know, bad guys don't always die in a way that they deserve.

Yes, the joke is that Romney is strange and robotic. Doesn't matter. I think this is still funny.

I saw an incredibly hot redhead going down on a dude while on a 24 hour bus ride. That could have been me, dammit!

Christmas songs are the worst. Here are some more songs to make the holiday season go by easier.

Not my best New Year's Resolution list, but fuck it. Happy New Years.

It took me a few weeks to respond to the Newtown shootings, because it was just too horrible to talk about. But as the gun debate unfolded into an actual honest-to-goodness, national debate, the things gun advocates kept saying just grew more and more ridiculous, and that deserved being responded to. Gun fans seem to think the world we live in is awesome; then there is that stupid argument they have that demonstrates they do not understood false equivalencies; and finally, they don't seem to understand that guns do nothing but kill, and every gun is designed better than the last. And yes, I'm being satirical in those entries linked.

They say that there are no stupid questions when it comes to sex education. They're wrong. There are definitely stupid questions.

If politicians really believe that it's so important to have their faith be a matter of public policy, I really wish they would do something that could possibly affect them negatively if they're wrong, instead of affecting everyone else negatively if they're wrong.

I don't know if you knew this, but Japanese cartoon porn can be fucking weird.


In the lead-up to the election, NPR had a series of stories that were about the political climate throughout the country, and I should emphasize that the stories were not about political hypocrisy. But of course, Republicans can't help but be hypocrites. First about socialism, whatever that is, and then the military.

I never thought John McCain was a bad person. It didn't take long before I started thinking Mitt Romney was a bad person.

I'm not crazy about the movies the Wachowskis make, but I am fascinated by them nonetheless.

When Obama was re-elected, I was much less enthusiastic about him. But I would have voted for him a thousand times over Romney, or any Republican.

Conservative pundits kept saying that it would be a "landslide victory" for Romney, and Romney himself seemed shocked and ill-prepared at his loss. How? The results ended up being exactly what every single poll predicted.

A few years ago, I had to put down my older cat, Newt. A few months ago, I had to put down my second cat, Sliver. This time, my daughter was old enough to be there for it. It was difficult.

I thought I'd seen a horror movie as a kid that traumatized me. Turns out it wasn't a horror movie at all.

Did you ever know anyone that, for religious purposes, avoided movies that "glorified magic"? Those people were pretty fucking stupid, weren't they?

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