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Fuck You, Conservatives, Part 2

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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I was listening to NPR again, and, like in yesterday's entry, they were doing a story about the climate of the electorate in various districts across the country. This time where were in Missouri. They were in a military town, where over 50% of the population is employed or has been employed by the military in one way or another. Middle aged white vets, a huge chunk of the population, will vote for Romney.

"No, I absolutely will not be voting for Obama," said a lady. "The cuts they've been making to the military are just unconscionable."

The reporter then explained in a voice over that actually, the cuts she's referring to haven't happened yet, and they are a result of an impasse between House Republicans and Obama, who failed to reach an agreement. "Who you blame this impasse on depends on what side of the political aisle you're on," said the reporter.

"Yeah, I know the Republicans wouldn't let him pass what he was trying to pass," commented an interviewee, "but Obama wasn't showing leadership skills and getting what he wanted done."

Let's ignore the fact that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in 2009 that the number one priority was to make sure Obama was a one term president, and that the Republicans refuse to be lead by Obama and have made an unprecedented effort to halt or slow down literally everything the President has attempted to do, even the things that were originally their idea. The comments by these constituents pissed me off more than you could imagine.

These people are supposed to be military families, but for some reason are voting for Romney. Romney not only said he would have not pulled out of Iraq when Obama did, but has also criticized the President for his timeline for pulling out of Afghanistan (which itself is the most vague notions of a time line), suggesting that we should be there for decades. If the military is high on your list of cares, why wouldn't you vote for Obama?

Listen, there are a ton of reasons to not vote for Obama. I personally think that if you're voting for Romney then you are grossly, grossly ignorant, no matter what your reasoning, but let's set that aside. The Republicans got us into two wars, both of which Paul Ryan, Romney's running mate, voted for with no funding and which Romney has criticized Obama for his withdrawals!

Our kids are dying over there. More now than when the war started.

If you're a military family, how can you support the party that says more of our kids should die? Even if you're a fucking rock dumb, grossly ignorant person who never pays attention to anything, if you live in a military town, the only fucking thing you need to know is the war in Afghanistan is still going on eleven years later, and your fucking neighbors, if not you, just lost someone else, or else someone you know and love has come back with parts of them left behind.

Excuse me, but fuck you, conservatives. You have so-called "convictions", but then betray those convictions when it means when faced with the fact that somehow, a Demmy-crat is actually trying to help you, like a religious zealot crying out to God when a doctor his trying to hand him an anti-biotic to help him with his sickness.

And you know, one problem we have in this country is that the majority of the population is utterly unaffected by the war, and we rarely think of of our soldiers in any meaningful way. So I can see someone in some town knowing nothing about anything, utterly unaffected by the war, thinking, "Cuts to the military! Damn him!" But if you live in a military town, there's no way you can not feel the toll of our soldiers still dying, or coming back with severe PTSD. And if you're a vet, double fuck you, for having actually been through it, knowing what it's like, knowing there's no fucking end in sight, and still voting for the guy who wants that unforeseeable end pushed back indefinitely.

I think there are plenty, plenty of reasons to dislike Obama, legitimately. I just wish these people would use any of those reasons.

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