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Fuck You, Conservatives

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

this entry brought to you by queen, "death on two legs"

Sometimes I think that there is a difference between the Republican party and conservative voters, and that people, when it comes down to it, are all basically the same and want the same things. Except that time and time again I'm proven wrong. The reason why conservative voters vote Republican is because they're racist, selfish assholes, and I'm continually reminded of this.

I was listening to a story on NPR the other day. The story was part of a series of stories on the political climate this election season, and was not a story specifically about hypocritical voters. The story was supposed to just be about voters they found in each state in the series-- this time it was a district in Wisconsin that went for Obama in 2008, but probably won't in 2012-- and how the average voter feels about this election season.

The interviewer was talking to a farmer who has been suffering because of the drought. He said, "I feel that the government is in too many people's lives, and I feel like that goes against what makes us free as a country."

And the reporter responds, "Uh-huh. And farm subsidies, that has been an issue lately, people have been questioning if farms should get subsidies, if that's a fair use of money. Do you collect any farm subsidies?"

"Yes I do," the farmer responded.

"Well, uh, if you collect farm subsidies, there are people listening that would say that that's hypocritical. How would you respond to that?"

The farmer took a measured breath in, as if he'd been asked this before, fully expected this, and had a practiced, polite answer. "Well, we take advantage of opportunities that are available to us, who wouldn't? But farm subsidies are a really small part of our income. I feel that if the majority of your income is subsidizes, then you won't want to go out and try harder to live the American dream and be a productive member of society."

Hey dude? You think that you just gave a reasoned argument about what's good for the country. But what you just said was, "Enh, I don't really need it, and those that need it-- IE, people poorer than me-- fuck 'em."

Fuck you, dude. Fuck you a million times.

All you have to do is not apply for the subsidy. It's super easy. Just don't apply for it. Don't check that box on your tax form.

Fuck you.

Fuck you for thinking you're a productive member of society so you deserve free money, but if you were worse off and needed that money more, well, then, you're a leech who wouldn't deserve it.

Then there was this older couple, both voting for Romney. They both used to work, but they wanted to become small business owners, so the wife took out a loan and started a food truck, while the husband stayed working at a factory, which then recently laid him off. Now their only income is the food truck.

And the Interviewer asked, "Are you guys concerned about health insurance?"

She replied, "Actually, I am insured through the VA."

Which, might I add, is government money.

The interviewer asks, "Well what about you though, sir? When President Obama says that he would like to insure everyone, how do you feel about that?"

He says he doesn't want it. He says that we should always be given a choice, and would rather things stay the way they are. Never mind that Obama's plan is a free market plan and doesn't eliminate choice, and that under his current circumstances being unemployed, this man has no choice whatsoever. Someone being ignorant of the issues shouldn't be surprising, though, and in terms of how angry it makes me, it gets a "typical, but frustrating", but it's what comes next that fills me with furious anger.

The wife kind of laughs and says "Honey, if you get sick, I will be the one paying for you."

"Well I'm not worried," he responded smugly. "I'm healthy. I've always been healthy. My parents died in their 80s, and their parents died in their 80s. It runs in my family. I'll be fine."

The interviewer says "Ma'am, you don't seem so sure."

"Well of course I'm worried about it," she says. "What if you get sick, honey?"

"I've taken good care of my children their whole lives," he answers. "I'm sure that were it to come to that, they could take care of me if something happens."

What a fantastic national platform! The "I'll-Live-Healthy-Forever-And-If-Not-I'll-Be-A-Horrible-Burden-On-My-Children-Until-I-Die" platform! What a breath of fresh air!

Hey, old man? Fuck you. Fuck you for thinking just because you assume you'll be fine, that that means the entire country gets to live by your rules just 'cuz. Which is like me saying, well, I'm not in the military, and I don't get body armor, so why should they?

Fuck you, old man. And for that matter, fuck you as well, old lady, for recognizing that your current lifestyle is unsustainable, knowing the President wants to insure your husband, but wanting to vote for Romney anyway. You're allowed to vote for whoever you want. But your reasoning is irresponsible and you make me sad.

I wish I could say this is an isolated incident, but I've heard it repeatedly in these interviews with these asshole teapartiers at asshole tea party protests, but I've also heard it in real life, from real life assholes. All they do is talk about personal responsibility, but their plan is that when things head south, they'll just leech off of someone else, ruining the other person's lives in the process. They talk about community churches helping each other, as if everybody's church can afford to pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars in health care costs for an elderly person's cancer, let alone the health care needs of any person who might randomly get in a car accident or accidentally falling off their roof while trying to fix it.

Time and time again I hear people saying variations of "Well, I am fine, so I assume I will always be fine, so everyone else must then be fine as well," or worse, "Well, I take free money, but I don't need it, therefore people who need it need to get a better job, so they can not need it, and will then deserve it." And these seem to be the core tenets of conservatism.

And to that I say, fuck you, conservatives. Go fuck yourselves.

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