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Monday, January 21, 2013

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JACKSONVILLE-- Having taught Elementary Grade Health Education for twelve years and started out each sex education session by saying "There are no stupid questions, only people who regret that they never asked their question because they thought it was stupid," teacher Carter Henson has heard his first stupid question.

"Do condoms make AIDS worse?" was asked by fifth grade student Joel Greer, saying that he had heard this at his own church.

"I felt like telling him that was the stupidest fucking goddamn nonsense I'd ever heard," says Mr. Henson. "I mean, AIDS can only get contracted through the contact of sexual fluids, and a condom-- I mean, that doesn't make any sense whatsoever, even if the condom were broken, there's no way that AIDS would get worse because of-- I mean, what the fuck!"

Henson says that rather than blow up at the student with this patently stupid question, he excused himself for a moment to leave the classroom and pray silently to a god he now knew could not possibly exist.

"I mean, just the very idea that you could get worse AIDS even without a condom-- who in the hell would spread shit like that to these kids?" Henson then ended his interview with a series of unintelligible frustrated swears.

UPDATE: Henson has been heard audibly muttering that he should have become a lawyer like his father had wanted after being asked "Is God punishing me for my sins by making me abort millions of babies in my underwear in my sleep, or it punishment for something my parents did?" by fifth grader Aiden Valesko.

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