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How in the World Did They Actually Think Romney Was Going to Win?

Thursday, November 08, 2012

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For the past twelve years, one of the most frustrating aspects of the conservative party is that they live in a bubble where nothing gets in that doesn't already agree with what they already believe, and it's only gotten worse as time goes by. It's true in all parts of the Republican party, from the base who gets most of their information from Fox News, and it goes all the way up the ranks to the very top. As the election has gone and Obama won by quite a margin, one of the most fascinating things to read about is that the GOP genuinely thought Romney was going to win.

Now, obviously, they thought Romney could win. Every politician in the end race always thinks they have a chance, of course. If they didn't, they wouldn't be running-- sat least not out of the two major parties. There's simply too much money being spent for them to do it just for symbolic opposition.

But there have been several articles written that Mitt Romney genuinely believed he was going to win. Not that he had a good chance at a fair fight, but that winning was a foregone conclusion. Karl Rove has famously had a meltdown on-air on the sixth, in his complete bafflement as to what happened, denying that it was even happening. The entirety of Fox News seemed utterly confused and having genuinely not seen this coming; in fact, earlier in the day people like Mike Huckabee were predicting it was going to be a landslide in Romney's favor. And I don't mean that they all seem surprised because they are all liars and are cogs in a propaganda machine. This all seemed completely real, because their general fake outrage at everything on everything else is naked and obvious. I'd never seen them act the way they did two nights ago-- they seemed like children learning that there's no Santa Claus. They genuinely seemed to have no idea what the hell was going on.

...But I'd been checking News websites every day for months, and Obama was always, always in the lead. There were ways that Romney could have won, but it would have required more women voters, and more minorities, both of which he trailed laughably behind. All the polls were always the same, and when they did occasionally lean towards Romney, they seemed such a toss-up between him and Obama that Romney being the victor hardly seemed a foregone conclusion, even in the polls that were obviously conservative leaning.

We've learned, of course, that Karl Rove, Fox News, and especially Mitt Romney, were actively ignoring every polls and were looking at their own insider numbers that were showing Romney a clear lead. We know that those numbers were wrong. This wasn't a close fight at all. It could be said that Romney never had a chance.

Over the past day and a half, pundits have correctly stated that the GOP has got to change the way it does politics. It can't be openly hostile towards women's rights. For god's sakes, equal pay for women benefits men and women, because both of those categories of human beings tend to pair off and make families, so saying that you wouldn't support it is nonsense, not to mention the outright damning of reproductive rights. They can't demonize Mexicans and use obvious coded language regarding blacks anymore. They can't tell people that are on welfare that they're good-for-nothing lazy people who leech off the system. Every election cycle shows more and more that they are rapidly losing any support for their anti-gay religious nonsense. And it seems like every time they make global warming a laugh line during a speech, a horrible weather event is just around the corner, much worse than the last.

They also need to stop living in a world of their own. They have to stop living in a place where they just make up their own facts, a place where when their numbers end up having been apparently pulled out of someone's ass and rich people who literally spent billions to buy an election and ended up with nothing want answers, a place where they have their own channel that makes their own polls that have nothing to do with what the rest of the country does. They have to stop living in this bubble where it's convenient to just live by whatever fits your incredibly rigid belief system.

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