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The Brand New AK-48!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

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Whenever someone shoots a whole bunch of people all at once and you say, Jesus Christ, can we please stop this? Is there a reason why anybody needs semi-automatic assault weapons?", someone will always say "You can't ban a gun, or a specific kind of gun. If they really wanted to, they could have done it with knives. Or a car. Or whatever. They would have found a way. You can kill somebody with anything."

They don't seem to understand that guns don't do anything else but kill. For example, dynamite only does one thing: it explodes. And therefore, there are no dynamite shows where you can just go to a convention and walk in and buy dynamite from some guy. Guns only do one thing: they kill. They cannot be used effectively to do literally anything else.

And not only are guns specifically designed to kill, but every single gun in the history of mankind has been designed to make killing more efficient and/or more convenient than the gun before it.

There's never been a gun that's been worse than the previous gun. The company that makes AK-47 never came out saying "This is the AK-48. It is way worse at killing people than our popular AK-47. If killing is what you plan on doing, it is terrible. But with the press of a button, you can access the AK-APP Store, and download Angry Birds! Right to your AK-48! And our new AK-48 has a front facing and rear-facing camera, so you can take a picture of you and your target at the same time! No, the AK-48 camera does not have a flash. That is for the AK-50."

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