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Sunday, October 27, 2013

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Hello, dear reader. Well, I missed a bunch of entries again, but this time I had a really good excuse. We were given 30 days to leave the house we had been living in for the past 8 years because the owner decided he wanted to sell it. Because we had so much packing to do and also, you know, finding a place to put my family, I decided not to bother spending up to an hour (sometimes more) writing every day. Except then we moved and I had a hard time starting the page up again. This happens whenever I take a break from the page. The break always ends up longer than it was supposed to be.

But anyway, here's the last 100 in a best-of-collection. As always, you can find the best of the previous 100 here.


I couldn't think of anything to write for my birthday. It should be like a scientist unleashing something horrible, I told a friend.

Black History Month isn't as big a deal in some places as others.

Need some hilarious April Fool's Day pranks up your sleeve when that special time of year comes around? I got you covered.

The summer is over, but here in Phoenix it's still getting over 80 degrees on a regular basis, so I could still use some tips on how to beat the heat and so should you.

I don't know if you noticed this, but fathers are kind of awful people, and even the good ones have to admit Father's Day isn't as good as Mother's Day for a reason.

I had a friend who decided selling her used underwear would be a good idea to make money. And you should read about it and laugh at her.

America has a lot of things that they didn't teach you about in history books. For example, a bunch of made up stuff.

The George Zimmerman trial came to an end, and it came with a verdict that we all feared was going to happen because fucking Florida is awful. And then I wrote what I think is the funniest reaction I could have possibly have written, considering how angry I was.

I don't get anal sex. I really, really don't understand bugging your girlfriend for anal sex when she expressly has told you she dislikes it.

I think Edward Snowden is a hero. But in the future?Kind of a douche.

This is a short story that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Here is a rare moment of calm in their otherwise hellish lives. I think it's fucking hilarious.


Why is movies and television are blamed when real-life violence happens, and while I wouldn't suggest this to be true, absolutely no one blames sports when real-life sports-related violence happens?

I tried doing stand-up at an open mic for the very first time this year in February. I detailed my adventure here, here, here, and here. And just for good measure, this is what it was like getting no lives several times later.

Criticize the N-Word in Tarantino movies? I disagree, but sure, I get why people would be upset. But in Django Unchained? What are you, stupid?

Please don't pretend like the black panthers are the same as the KKK It makes you look like the racist you are.

I'm a guy, and I'm a feminist. I'm proud of it. It leads to exactly one awkward predicament, though.

Rolling Stone held an on-line reader survey for the worst bands of the 90s. Which of course means one of the best bands of all time would somehow end up on that list.

I was watching a televangelist who was taking viewer questions, and he read a question from a clearly sick man. Despite that there was an easy way for him to say some Christian Nonsense and also say something helpful, he choose to do entirely the former and none of the latter.

Why are so many gun owners so absolutely ready to kill someone if they cross the line? What if the best way to deal with a situation is to not shoot first?

Guns solve all rapes. Didn't you know that? Sean Hannity certainly does.

Of the things that America invented, Privatized Prisons are just about the second worse. Obviously slavery is worse, but we didn't invent that.

How about some reviews? How about a movie review for Django Unchained, and, although I expressly said that it wasn't a full review, The 2009 Star Trek reboot?

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