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My Friend Dummy Dummsmith And Her New Money Opportunity

Saturday, June 22, 2013

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I have a friend, let's call her Dummy Dummsmith. She used to work with me, and abruptly quit because she'd had enough. Which isn't what makes her dumb, honestly. I've complained about my job before-- it's not the worst job I ever had by any stretch, but it is a job I dislike and only work because I have a toddler and it works out for our work schedules. Dummy Dummsmith is young-- 23-- and since I've known her, her social life has grown exponentially. I honestly can't blame her for not wanting to live her life. She's young. It's not like she has children who need feeding. It's not like she has a mortgage.

What makes her dumb is that she is 23, and quit without setting up a job that would work with her lifestyle. Or, for that matter, setting up a job at all. And while she's 23 and has no major responsibilities like a family or a house, it's not as if she has no responsibilities, and no bills.

It's been two weeks, and she's gotten desperate for money. And, as someone who is desperate for cash, she went to Craigslist. On Craiglist she found someone willing to buy used women's panties. Except instead of copying and pasting the link to this Craigslist page and saying "Ha ha, isn't this hilarious?" she thought "Maybe that's not a bad idea."

I try not to judge people, especially not my friends. If I were her age, I would definitely think driving to a some weird gas station to do a trade off of panties for cash with some weirdo would be beyond reproach. But you know, its a funny story, and so long as she brings a friend, preferably a male friend along, then it might be worth it to be able to say "Wanna hear this fucked up thing I did?"

But on the other hand, desperate or not for cash, this seems fucking stupid.

"At least it's not sucking dick for cash," she said to me.

Listen, I will admit that sucking dick for cash is worse than selling panties for cash. However. Do you know what's normal? Sucking dick. People do it every day. Sucking dick for money is degrading, but it is not outside the realm of things that it's not difficult to imagine someone doing. But do you know what is not normal? Driving to some public destination and handing your soiled panties to a dude.

Who is willing to spend money for a blowjob? Lonely guys. Normal guys who just don't get laid enough, or are away from their girlfriends for long periods of time. There's also young dudes who are curious and just want to try it just to say they tried it.

On the other hand, the type of guy who will meet a girl in parking lot and pay money for her used panties is a very, very specific dude. This isn't just your run-of-the-mill "I've been on a dry spell and I gots 100 bucks on me" type of dude. And I'm not even saying that people that have the soiled panties fetish are always the dangerous, frightening type. Most people with this fetish just date a girl and sniff her panties when she's not paying attention. Maybe their girlfriend is even aware of it, and is into it. But the kind of person who is willing to pay strangers for that, willing to drive out someplace, and give somebody money is not that kind of person. That is some premeditated shit.

Yes, sucking dicks for cash is worse. But selling panties for cash is right above it.

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