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Not Giving Your Lady Orgasms Makes You an Asshole

Friday, July 19, 2013

this entry brought to you by foo fighters, "see you"

A female friend of mine was complaining that her boyfriend tried to put it in her ass while they were having sex, and she told him no, and it turned into a big fight. They'd done anal before, and she hated it. The previous time they did it she bled a little and she thought never again. So when he tried to put his wiener in her butt once more she put her foot down, and it turned into a huge fight.

...Which, by the way, I'm a huge fan of-- dudes getting mad at their woman because they refuse to let them fuck them in places where, perhaps, they are not physically built to be fucked.

But the worst part was what she said next. "I mean, I never get anything from normal sex anyway, I might as well not do it in the way that's torture."


She clarified. He'd never given her an orgasm. At all.

Now, the female body is not quite like the male body. There are a bunch of different reasons why a woman won't have an orgasm. "Have you ever had an orgasm?"

She said she not only can have orgasms, she has them all the time when she gives them to herself. Which, you know, could mean that she is capable of having orgasms, but has sexual hangups and won't allow herself to get there with a man. But even this hypothesis was wrong. She's had plenty of orgasms with guys before. No, it's specifically this dude.


Listen, I'm not a real manly dude. And I don't care. I'm very comfortably with my wussiness. And there are very, very few things that will make me question someone's manliness. Not making a woman cum is one of them.

This is 2013. When I see a couple under fucking sixty years old, I figure that she gets orgasms from him one way or another on a semi-regular basis. I know that a million years ago the female orgasm was a myth that people didn't believe in, but even back then there was one dude who lived on the block who knew what the fuck was up, and when all the husbands went off to their fucking moose lodges or whatever, that dude made house calls.

I can't imagine having an orgasm and then proceeding to not to reciprocate and give the girl an orgasm. Hearing that a man has sex with a girl I know and he doesn't make her cum kind of makes me want to fight him right in the face. And I don't say this to mean that I'm some sort of Love God Cassanova, I'm not claiming to have the magic penis, I'm saying it because having sex with a girl as she just lays there like a fish and thinks about shoe shopping kind of makes me feel like a rapist. And if she sits there and fakes it, it's not much better-- that only makes me feel like a John. A step up, sure, but still makes me feel humiliated and gross.

And insisting I put it in her butt when she repeatedly says no makes me feel like I'm actually a closeted homosexual rather than a man who prefers having sex with women. Because why would you need to fuck a butt so bad you would do it even when she says no, and then proceed to get mad at her? Unless you were, you know, repressing something.

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