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Which of these is Really Racist?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

this entry brought to you by jimi hendrix, "manic depression"

I saw this posted on Facebook, and I just had to respond. Because you know.

Please don't pretend like you don't know the difference between the thing on the left and the thing on the right. You're just pretending to be that ignorant to make your shitty statement on society that is so fucking deep.

The one on the right used to torch houses with families inside. And it wasn't even a hundred years ago that they used to drag men out of their houses for public hangings for such horrible crimes as having sex with the opposite race.

The one on the left stood out in front of state capitals with armed weapons (which tea partiers do every single time there's a town hall with our President). They had pictures taken where they had their fists defiantly in the air. Also, they usually looked really, really pissed. And the amount of houses torched were...? The public hangings done by the black panthers were...? Oh, you mean they didn't do any of those things? Please, stop pretending like you can't tell the difference.

But let me ask a more important question. In what way have you, a white person in the majority, ever been affected by racism from a minority race? Did you apply to an all black college and get denied? My bet is you did not. Ever have to leave an all-black soul food restaurant because they refused to seat you? Try to join a country club that has been all black for two hundred years?

What? You mean you life has absolutely never been affected by black people hating you whatsoever? You mean even if every single black person in the entire world hated you, it wouldn't affect your life whatsoever, because black people are in the minority, and there's no long, institutionalized history of blacks being racist against whites?

You mean you're just bitching because you're an asshole? Well why didn't you say that in the first place?

with love from CRS @ 2:02 PM 


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