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The Vagabond Lifestyle is Kinda Romantic

Sunday, May 18, 2008

this entry brought to you by nine inch nails, "home"

I'm not exactly sure where I came up with the idea for the squatter stealing electricity entry a few days ago-- it just popped into my head-- but when I decided that it was definitely a joke I wanted to write, I knew exactly where to find the picture for it. I found this series of pictures a while ago, and I definitely recommend clicking it, because the pictures are actually really awesome from a photography point of view.

To tell you the truth, I find the vagabond lifestyle to be kind of romantic. My wife says she disagrees, and I definitely see where she's coming from. But there's something about the life of a drifter or a vagabond-- versus, say, a bum-- that seems kind of awesome. Bums are usually bums for a specific reason-- they often suffer from mental conditions, and really couldn't have a place in society outside of being a bum. However, a vagabond is a generally healthy human being who chooses to live a particular lifestyle. Many of them are pathetic, lazy human beings. But a whole lot of them are the kind of people who are perfectly normal, but have a love adventure, and want to have adventure all the time. Why have a job when you could do whatever you wanted, at any time you wanted? Why be tied down to anything? If you want to go somewhere-- anywhere-- you just go. There's something about not having a care in the world that is kind of exciting. You don't have a place of residence, but you just find places to stay, because there are plenty of places to stay, if you look. You don't worry about money, because there's plenty of money to be had, plenty of food to be had if you want it and know where to find it. There's a community to be a part of, and if it doesn't go to your liking, you just leave when you want to. And sometimes, when vagabonds have had enough of a lack of structure, they return to the land of the responsible, get a job, and settle down like normal human beings, except they have a lot more interesting stories to tell, versus the poor soul who has sat in a cubicle his entire adult life.

Obviously I'm not saying I'm interested in that lifestyle. I'm a responsible adult, and I'm fine being a responsible adult. But when I was younger, I knew people that had no definite homes, just crashed where they could and slept under the stars when they couldn't, and while they were frequently dirty, they didn't take any fewer showers than your average bachelor living in an apartment with eight other guys. And there was something kind of romantic about that idea. The only care, the only responsibility in the whole world was right now. I don't see how a person couldn't find that enviable.

yesterday, last year if you were on reality tv, would they make you look like an asshole?

on this day last year i fucking hate it when people say they like "all kinds" of music.

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