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My Actual Reaction to the UCSB Shooter

Thursday, May 29, 2014

this entry brought to you by nine inch nails, "while i'm still here"

Last Saturday in Santa Barbara we had yet another mass shooting, because this is just what happens in this country now, and somehow, despite my being the type of person who ordinarily hears about these kinds of things, I didn't find out until yesterday. So my entry about gun rights demonstrators on Monday might have seemed like it was a reaction to the shooting, which would have happened two days prior, when in fact, it was not-- which is also a telling aspect of America, that you could write a satire about gun violence at any point in time and even if you released it at random, it would seem like a reaction to something that just happened, but anyway. I responded to the news of the shootings on Facebook with three posts, and I thought they were worth sharing here:

May 28

Another Free Speech nut went on a rampage and senselessly offended 7 people before insulting himself yesterday. Sigh. When will this end?

Dude, these incidents where these insane, disturbed freaks just go out and buy a megaphone and a hundred rounds of batteries for it and hurt peoples feelings happen so often I didn't even hear about this one and it's been four days! I think that's a telling state of how out of hand the first amendment has gotten in this country, that days could go by without a person who stays in touch with the subject of spree offenders hearing about it.

You know what it is? It's the ACLU, and how they keep lobbying Congress to allow looser and looser First Amendment laws well past what the writers of the constitution originally intended. The writers of the constitution lived in a time where the worst swear words were "Shite" and "Arse". Nowadays we have so many four letter words you cant even keep track of them.

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