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The Tupac Hologram Situation

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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Coachella happened back in April, and at the time I hadn't updated in months, but trust me. I wanted to talk about the Tupac Hologram.

First of all, I am not entirely opposed to the idea of a hologram of a dead celebrity on stage in front of an audience. The part where it gets really weird for me is that they made him say things to the Coachella audience that he had not, in life, ever said. Mainly because Coachella didn't exist when he died. So when he said "Yo, what the fuck is up Coachella?", that seemed like a weird line was crossed. If they just had the hologram come out and Snoop said "Yo, 'Pac, we miss you. This is one's for you, my nigga," and he rapped a song like in a video, and the singers danced around him instead of interacting with him, it would have been fine. But making a dead man do things he did not do in life is, well, creepy, isn't it? And it also seems so close to being easily abused. "Yo what up Coachella? I was just drinking my favorite beer, Michelob Lite-- be sure to head to the Beer Garden and get some! Here, let me take off my Nikes so I can let me feet stretch, as I have been dead for some time now... Ah, that feels great."

I should also say that while I did not predict this, it was eerily similar to an entry I wrote all the way back in 2008, about a rock festival that was going to be composed entirely of clones of dead rock stars. We're getting closer.

"Yo Snoop, why the hell do I exist, man? I'm some sort of abomination! Niggaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

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