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Girls and Their "Geeky" Boyfriends

Sunday, May 11, 2008

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Do you want to know what irritates me? Somehow, geek culture has gotten so mainstream, way too many people refers to themselves as geeks without actually being geeks. But what's worse isn't the guys themselves-- there are still plenty of guys who sneer at geeks and hate them, so the saturation point of geek culture hasn't reached a level of total ubiquity yet. The worst is girlfriends. Every single girlfriend in the world will swear that her boyfriend is a geek. "Oh my god" she'll say. "My boyfriend is such a geek! Instead of taking me out last night, he spent the whole night drinking beer and playing Halo and Madden!"

No, what actual geeks do is spend the whole night rolling stats for their D&D characters. Not actually playing D&D, just rolling for stats. Or having heated arguments over who would win in a fight, obscure Batman supporting character, or osbscure Spider-Man villain henchman. Or spending hours finding ways to kill people in on-line games that ordinarily the game shouldn't allow you to do.

Although I'm not going to say that geeks don't drink beer, and they do in fact play Halo, they would absolutely never, ever play Madden under any circumstances. And although they do play Halo, Halo is not a defining characteristic among geeks-- in fact, the number of geeks who play Halo are vastly outnumbered by the guys who play Halo and Madden in equal doses.

What I'm saying is, every douchebag has seen Star Wars, and knows enough to drop references of it in ordinary conversation. Every fratboy has seen superhero movies, and can enthuse about how fuckin' awesome Wolverine is. Every meathead plays first person shooters on their new X-Box 360. And, for that matter, every jock knows that an easy way to get into a career that makes money is to get a bachelor's degree in computers, so lots of jocks know how to change a hard drive and be like, totally awesome with computers and stuff. A geek on the other hand never had to take any classes to do or know the most obscure, miniscule, completely meaningless bullshit that has no applications in real life, and lacks the ability to socialize because of it. If you yourself are a chick and do not know what a saving throw is, then your boyfriend is not a geek, your boyfriend is just a dude. Because if you truly had a geek boyfriend yet are not a geek yourself, you'd fucking hate him, because he is incapable of communicating thoughts beyond his bizarrely vast yet narrow interests.

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