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The Girl in Our Apartment Complex Who is Too Friendly

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

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My wife and I started talking to this girl in our apartment complex in her mid twenties, and very, very friendly. Perhaps too friendly? We had a nice long conversation with her. Perhaps too long? She was super bubbly and cute. Maybe a little too bubbly and cute?

There are people who you talk to and you immediately can tell, oh no, I should not have engaged this person. Something is clearly wrong with them. They are clearly crazy, or not all there, or have a weird social disorder.

This girl did not have any obvious warning signs, other than the fact that she was unusually friendly and talkative. She didn't drastically change the subject in the middle of the conversation. She didn't randomly bring up religion or guns or anything strange out of context. She listened real well and responded to things we were saying.

And yet I couldn't shake the feeling that her friendliness was a warning sign of something. I talked to her happily but remained guarded. And it kind of bugged me. Why am I being so suspicious of this girl? Isn't this the thing I feel so jealous of kids about? How they can just walk up and be friends with someone? Isn't that what this girl is doing? Isn't her friendliness a breath of fresh hair?

And you know what? It was. And yet as we chatted I couldn't help but eye her suspiciously. Nobody's this friendly. What's she hiding?

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