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Pet Peeve: Things That Are Way More Reliable Than We Pretend

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

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I hate it when people make wise cracks about weather reporters being unreliable. Its a go-to example of unreliability, but its totally untrue. When they say there's going to be a huge storm coming within a week, they might be off a day. When they say it might rain, sometimes it doesn't. They might say partly cloudy when its super cloudy. They tend to err on the side of caution, but other than that, they're never wrong about anything important. At worse you brought an umbrella to work when you didn't need it. I don't see how this is the go to example of unreliable and inaccuracy.

Similarly, I don't understand how the US Post Office is the example of something that never works. The lines suck on the off chance you have to go in. So do banks. So does every place where there's a line. I've never done business at a place where I can consistently say "the lines here fucking kick ass! I feel like I'm covered in butter!" But in terms of them actually delivering the mail, when was the last time they actually screwed up mail you needed? How many times has it happened? Twice? Considering how much mail you get, even in the days where everybody bills on-line, I don't see how this can be used as the go-to example for suck. I have Amazon Prime, I order about a package every two weeks, and during certain times of the year I will get eight or nine in a week, and 9 out of 10 of those comes through USPS and its never late.

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