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The Advocate is a Magazine For Gay People

Thursday, June 05, 2014

this entry brought to you by bad company, "shooting star"

One time I bought an issue of The Advocate. I'm a mature, liberal, open minded guy, and I care about gay issues. I want to be the kind of guy who is mature and comfortable enough with himself where I can say, yes, I've read The Advocate, and yes, I'm a straight male. What of it? I also read feminist magazines, because I am so open minded.

Turns out The Advocate is a magazine for gay people. Its not that it was gross or had pictures of men fellating one another, but the articles were written by people who assumed the reader was gay and it would talk about things mostly that would concern specifically them. Sort of how Boys Life magazine assumes you are a Boy Scout, and has topics that would concern nobody except people trying to achieve merit badges. Who knew?

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