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Review of Gravity

Sunday, June 01, 2014

this entry brought to you by nine inch nails, "head down"

I was thinking about the human spirit, and how it tends to find a way to move on, how it finds a way to hope.

History has shown that the human spirit is actually quite mutable. Here in the 20th century Western society, we like to think that the human spirit can't be crushed, but the truth is, it can. If you put a people down long enough, they begin to believe that this is all that can ever be, this is all that ever was. The human spirit can be crushed, and the longer its crushed, the more people don't want to have the boat rocked. The more people sneer at one another for daring to think differently. We admire the human spirit, but the human spirit is liable to just want to give up.

Our cells, on the other hand, the fiber of our beings, are actually quite stubborn. When things are going bad, they will struggle and fight until the moment they are denied oxygen and can no longer continue. When you are dying, every cell in your body will shut down all the parts of your body it doesn't need before it gives up. You couldn't call it instinct, really, because its more like programming. Our spirits can be crushed, our will to continue can say that its had enough, that we shouldn't rock the boat, our will can say uncle. Our existence will do anything, anything, to continue, until it literally cannot.

There's a moment in Gravity where Sandra Bullock's character, Dr. Ryan Stone, decides she's done everything she can do, and that the best way to go at this point in trying to find some way back home to Earth is to go peacefully and to stop trying. And honestly, at this point in her struggle, as satellites have blown up and she's free fallen in space and needed death defying rescue and has banged into city block sized structures, this actually seems like a reasonable action.

Gravity isn't about the human spirit, its about the tenacity of our instincts, about how every cell in our bodies fight death, and once a series of actions start that Dr. Ryan Stone must escape, a seeming unending catastrophe in space followed by another, all delivered in breathtaking, dizzying camera work and gorgeous, vivid CGI by director Alfonso Cuaron and his team deliver, she simply must figure out a way to live. There are moments of feeling futility, and that's what makes us human.

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