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Harmony Korine's Wife Is In Spring Breakers

Saturday, May 31, 2014

this entry brought to you by nine inch nails, "while i'm still here"

When I wrote my review for Spring Breakers, I of course mentioned that the movie skeeved me out, but all of Harmony Korine's movies skeev you out. They're supposed to.

But there was something about Spring Breakers that skeeved me out even more than normal.

About halfway through the movie I noticed that one girl was getting way more naked way more often than the other three, so I decided to pause the movie and look them up. Turns out the three girls were Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Benson. I didn't know their faces, but I recognized their names; they were Disney girls, so it made sense. All Disney kids want to shed their kiddie image immediately upon turning 18, so showing up in a Harmony Korine movie was the exact kind of thing that would do that. But getting naked in a Harmony Korine movie? A little too far.

The naked girl, on the other hand, turned out to be Korine's wife, which was way creepier than anything portrayed in the movie, especially since, though a grown woman in her late twenties in real life, she's portraying a barely legal lass, and Korine is in his mid 40s.

"Yeah. That's great. You're doing great. Now let em see your tits. Yeah. Yeah, you know what to do. Yeah. Let em see them."

"Oh Harmony, you're so talented and smart! I just love you so much!"

"Yeah, more tits. Yeah, that's what daddy likes. Now let these two men fuck you. Yeah. Get into it. That's it. More tits while these guys do you."

"Shouldn't this be fake movie sex?"

"You knew who the fuck I was when you married me and the movies I make. Here, take this actual bag of real coke and let them snort it out of your ass. Your asscrack will go numb, probably. Use it. Let it motivate you. Yeah. Oh yeah. That's so good."

"None of this is going to actually show up in the movie, is it?"

"Who the fuck knows, I haven't written a script yet. Your asshole numb yet? Let daddy see them tits. Yeah. I'm Harmony Korine."

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