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Monday, June 09, 2014

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Although she makes just enough to pay rent on time and, were her husband to lose his job or the couple were to have a divorce she would immediately be well below the poverty line on her own paycheck, your friend somehow has a vested interest in the well being of billionaires.

"I just don't see how America can just decide that the richest one percent of people didn't earn their money through hard work just like everyone else," your friend has said to her husband as she lay in bed at night, unable to sleep. "How is that not class warfare?"

Your friend has never met a billionaire and couldn't possibly become one even if she were to inherit all the money from every relative of hers were they to all die simultaneously. Nevertheless, she continually shares posts on Facebook complaining that the country is the most taxed in the world, and is genuinely upset about "double dip taxes" like the estate tax, which could never affect her or anyone she knows.

The bulk of her time in therapy is spent relieving the stress of the Democrat's war on the wealthy, and how much she genuinely fears the raise of the minimum wage and how it will affect the bottom line of job creators. Many a session has ended with your friend tearfully crying as she admits her genuine confusion as to how people can't understand that the invisible hand of the market will cure everything.

Convinced that Obama favors food stamps for the poor and giving away free stuff such as health care, school lunch, and baby food to people that do not deserve it, your friend has furiously written in her dream journal the nightmares she has had on a semi nightly basis about investor's uncertainty of the market. "How can the world's richest be expected to invest their money if they're uncertain taxes might raise back to their 1996 levels?" she has written, although she relies on her yearly income tax return has to catch up on delinquent bills or else will be forced to file for bankruptcy.

"I'm not sure if I can raise my children in a world where billionaires have to pay the same tax rate as their secretaries," she has been heard complaining to those around her on the city bus, which she is forced to use because she only has one car, which her husband uses.

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