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I'm Super Happy With My Poop Chair

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

this entry brought to you by them crooked vultures, "scumbag blues"

I have been reading in a lot of places lately about how we poop wrong, that we're not supposed to sit while pooping, our bodies were built for squatting. For example, kids, when they learn to walk, will naturally squat when they poop. Like when they're hiding behind the couch and pooping because they're afraid of the toilet. Or running to the bathroom and pooping right in front of the toilet instead of actually getting on it.

I'm flat footed. If I squat my shins burn like insanity and my feet go numb. I have difficulty walking after squatting for any period of time, and this has always been true, but it's just gotten worse over time. You squat to poop in you want. I like my poop chair. I can get up from it and walk around afterward. And if I lived in a country where you had to squat to poop, the second I learned about American toilets, that is what I would save ALL OF MY MONEY for, a trip to America, so I could live in the land where you are free to sit on a poop chair like Marilyn Monroe did.

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