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Sunday, April 06, 2014

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I play a lot of games. Before the Playstation era, I played games at my friend Tim's house, but my first system that I bought myself was the Playstation, and I owned over 100 games for it, 15 games for the N64, and over 70 for the Dreamcast-- a number some people didn't even know the Dreamcast had in total. It took me a while to catch up to the last generation of gaming-- I didn't buy the Xbox 360 until three years in, and most video game console lifespans are only 5. To my luck, this last generation lasted eight frigging years, meaning I was able to play tons of games this generation. With the launch of the new consoles this past November, the Xbox One and the PS4, I thought it would be fun to write my top games of the generation. And then it took me forever to actually do it, but here we are. The week I'm planning on buying an Xbox One (if all goes well), and I'm finally done writing my list. A few ground rules before we begin:

* I picked only one game for every franchise that I loved in order to avoid the top ten being cluttered with just a few names with various numbers after them. In the case where I liked multiple games in a series, I picked my favorite.

* I have not played every single game this past generation, and in fact, there are several major franchises I never touched-- Halo, notably. Nevertheless, my "Played Games" list on the Xbox 360 is 177 games long, my Wii collection is 14, and my Steam collection is 222. I've played a lot of games.

* I do not own a PS3, so there are several huge games I never got to play, even if I wanted to. So no Last of Us, no Uncharted 2, no Journey. Boo.

* Any game released on previous hardware and ported up, unfortunately, does not count-- otherwise Bully: Scholarship Edition would definitely be on the list.

* I do not really play on-line multiplayer, so while I did play and enjoy a few multiplayer modes, games where multiplayer is the emphasis were skipped. So no MMOs, no MOBAs, and very, very few multiplayer shooters were played.

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