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Thursday, March 13, 2014

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Despite what anyone would have assumed beforehand, Keith Hines, a wheelchair bound substitute teacher, left Mrs. Graham's 6th grade class today in tears and swearing to himself, after being treated like a subhuman by the mongrel, blood-thirsty classroom. All indications would show that students, with a natural knowledge to be nice to people who are handicapped would instinctively treat the man, who suffers from cerebral palsy, much more politely than they would their normal teacher. Somehow, once the substitute's voice cracked involuntarily as he tried to hold back a cough while speaking, the terror demons that make up Mrs. Graham's class took this as weakness, and broke into chaos. The horrible little creatures seemed to feed off of the substitute's growing desperation, and their contempt changed from openly mocking him to outright ignoring him, like energy vampires who had gotten their fill. Although they treated the substitute the day before, who had all of their physical abilities in active form, poorly, they maintained a level of general mischievousness, whereas today could only be described as "the bacchanal of the godless".

Having already sent nine students to the principal's office by midday, the substitute completely gave up, hiding behind the teachers desk and saying "I hope all your parents kill themselves and you die in a house fire," without any regard for repercussions.

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