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Dream About a Commercial on TV

Friday, March 21, 2014

this entry brought to you by queens of the stone age, "my god is the sun"

There was a cheap, local commercial with bad voice over on TV with a ghetto black guy and a redneck, and it was a cheap, local commercial with a bad voice over. First there are several shots of them with their families, also ghetto and redneck. The commercial was describing the stereotypical things these men did. The redneck loved shooting cans off a fence, the black guy loved eating watermelon. The redneck liked riding bulls, the black guy liked riding in low riders. There was a close up shot of the black guy smiling, complete with grill, and there was a close-up shot of the redneck, and he was missing teeth. And then the voice, clearly one of their daughters, asks, "but what do these two racists have in common?" And then it showed them smiling and shaking hands. "Their love of civil rights cases in law!" And suddenly they transformed into men in suits, smiling at the camera. The commercial was for a couple of lawyers who would take on your civil rights lawsuits for affordable prices.

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