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Did You Ever Have a Friend Who Changed Totally When She Dated a Guy?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

this entry brought to you by queens of the stone age, "a song for the deaf"

Sometimes you'll have a friend, and she'll start dating a guy who is into death metal. And just a few weeks later, suddenly she's wearing a death metal band tee, black leather pants, has her hair dyed black, and is considering getting a death metal band logo tattooed somewhere on her ankle. And six months later she's broken up with that guy and now she's dating a rapper, and now she's entirely baggy jeans and backwards baseball hats. And it's like, well, of course if you get real close to someone with different tastes, they're going to rub off on you a little. Maybe you'll learn to appreciate a thing you didn't before, maybe you'll have your horizons expanded. But this friend, when she dates a guy, she 100 percent becomes that person.

This is exactly what it's like when you know a grown adult who suddenly finds Jesus. They can't be like, "Wow, this is a positive influence on my life, and I'm glad I found it, but I am fundamentally the same person," they have to strip buck naked and leap into a screaming pit of Woodstock 99. You remember Woodstock 99-- the one with all the fire and chaos?

And they act like somehow it's your fault when you don't want to be with friends with someone who is naked and covered in mud and has a twig sticking out of their butt.

"You stopped talking to me because you're prejudiced against people with faith."

No, we're not friends anymore because even Jesus had more things to talk about than just Jesus!

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