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A Thought About Teens React to Nirvana

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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If you don't know me, information that is pertinent is that I'm a huge music fan, I'm very, very passionate about music, and Nirvana is my all time favorite band. Not only that, but I was 15 when Kurt Cobain died. I was in the exact right age and had the exact amount of passion for Nirvana that Kurt's death had a huge impact on my life.

Watching this video brought so much delight to me. It is amazing, it is adorable, it's awesome. You know what? The kids are alright. Kids, you get my approval.

There are approximately 100 adorable things in this video that made my heart weep with joy, and I literally had tears in my eyes by the end, but there was one thing I wanted to mention. Well okay, two things. It's goddamn hilarious how utterly baffled they were about the "Heart Shaped Box" video. "Heart Shaped Box" is an excellent video, but it wasn't so unusual in 1993. That's what videos looked like. Granted, it was a really good version of that, but it wasn't so crazy. Videos were weird in 1994. Nowadays music videos, when they exist, are just... Well, normal.

But anyway, here's what I actually wanted to talk about.

When Kurt Cobain died, a common reaction from people my age was "What an asshole. He had all that money and he killed himself. What a dumb fucking idiot." It baffled me at the time that people would react like that. Yes, he had all the money in the world, and it still wasn't enough to fill the hole inside him. We had all been taught that money couldn't buy everything, yet kids my age reacted as if it was incomprehensible that a rich person could still be sad.

And yet in the video, all of them, when told "Kurt Cobain killed himself because he didn't want to be famous" got it immediately. Of course that happened. In 2014, teens grow up in a world with Twitter and Facebook, where somebody who doesn't even want to be famous can become famous and have their lives utterly ruined through nothing they did on purpose. Any time anyone is mentioned anywhere on the Internet, "fuck that person" is the first comment. The idea that someone would kill themselves because they got too famous makes all too much sense to them.

I thought that was a fascinating difference between our two generations.

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