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A Hypocrite Who Uses a Reasonable Tone is Still a Hypocrite

Friday, March 28, 2014

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I saw this on the Internet the other day and I thought it was worth responding to.

I guess I should first say that one of the biggest problems I have with America in the 21st century is how vitriolic our political arguments have become-- and let's not bullshit one another and pretend the two are equally bad. You might have one insanely liberal super-freak that you know who is a frothing maniac, but come on. Conservatives have a whole industry of people who love to point the fingers of "UnAmerican" first, the ones who use language of violent uprising, the ones who regularly refer to God's wrath, the ones who come to rallies that have nothing to do with guns armed with loaded semi-automatic rifles. Conservatives are way, way worse about this, and if you say otherwise, you're lying.

So I should give credit that the tone of this little graphic is very reasonable. Here you go, whoever came up with it: One Kudo.

But listen. Just because you say something in a reasonable way, just because you say something like you're not a crazy person doesn't mean you're not wrong.

For starters, you're a reasonable, on-the-level person, right? Not a total idiot? Right? So let's talk to you like you're a grown-up reasonable person.

You know the bible is full of contradictions and nonsense. You know that. You've read them. You've heard people tell you that your bible also has rules about shellfish and ham and tattoos and blending cotton and wool and mixing foods and working on Sunday and for some reason figs. You know about these things. You have read about them. You have been told about them from people opposed to you politically. You've endured these criticisms for the entirety of your life as an aware individual. Yet you do not protest Safeway because you don't "believe in ham". You don't post Facebook messages on Saturday saying anyone who posts on Sunday is against God and that you "believe in the Bible".

You know you are being a hypocrite. I don't know what sort of things are going on in your head that are excusing your hypocrisy, because I don't share your prejudice. But don't pretend to be so high and fucking mighty about your belief in your bible when you know all these things to be true. You are making excuses, and you know that you are making excuses.

You can put quotes around "homosexual marriage" in this demeaning way if you want. You can say that these are beliefs, and everybody has their own beliefs, and that you have the right to believe what you want. Of course you can. But I don't believe you are a hypocrite: It is a fact that you are a hypocrite. This isn't name calling. This is factual. You do not have a post about every single one of the various things that are against the Bible that Americans do every single day even if you yourself don't do them. You know these things are in the Bible, you know that God "does not change", and you choose to ignore them. But this one thing still gets your goat so much that you had to say something about it.

You're a hypocrite. A hypocrite that uses a reasonable tone, but a hypocrite nonetheless.

Some people say that their Bible says the Jews killed Jesus. They say that they don't hate the Jews, that they have Jewish friends, and they love their Jewish friends, but the Jews killed Jesus. Some people say that their Bible says that black people are "mud people" and that they are evil. They have no problem with black people, they love black people, and besides, nobody pays attention to that part of their Bible anymore anyway, it's all ancient news from before 1970.

These people are still wrong. Just like the people who said the Bible said the races shouldn't marry were wrong. Just like the people who said the Bible allows human beings to own human beings were also wrong. You are allowed to believe whatever you want, and you're allowed to voice those beliefs however you want. But just because you have beliefs and I have beliefs doesn't mean we're equally right.

You are wrong.

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