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Yes, I Like Guy Stuff

Friday, February 07, 2014

this entry brought to you by jessica lea mayfield, "lounge act"

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine and I referred to myself as "effeminate", and my friend told me "Chris, you're not effeminate". And of course, she's right-- I'm not. I'm actually pretty guy-ish, in that geek things tend to appeal to males, and I fit the hipster geek stereotype very easily.

I think what annoys me about talking to Norms is the assumption that I'm only into things that are non-mainstream so that I can be different than anyone else, and they never assume that I am different, therefore I like things that aren't mainstream.

They assume things like my not caring about football comes from my not ever giving it a chance. I live in America, though, and I am a boy. Of course I've given football a chance. I've played it. A bunch of times. With people I considered friends. I've been to college football games. I've tailgated. I think the game is fucking boring and find the rules arbitrary. I think tail gaiting is tiring walking around with only somebody's lawn chairs to sit in, and perhaps I would like it more if we weren't all sitting around talking about football. I think the actual experience of watching a football game is mind-bogglingly slow, and I get irritated with all the screaming assholes. It's a bunch of men throwing a ball.

Sometimes steak-and-potatoes men will ask me "Don't you like any guy stuff?" As if I sit around knitting while watching The Notebook all day long while worrying about my nails. My favorite movie is fucking Aliens for Chris' sakes, I like gadgets and porn and Grand Theft Auto and fucking rock music, I don't understand how that's so not guy like just because football and cars and beer bore the shit out of me.

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