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Story Idea: A Father and His Daughter Lost in a Forest With a Monster

Thursday, February 06, 2014

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A man and his sixteen year old daughter are driving up the wooded mountains. His wife is in rehab at a beautiful facility miles away from anything, and the two are going up to visit her. A storm creeps in. A wrong turn is made. The roads are slippery, and as they swerve to dodge oncoming traffic, they veer off the road, their car tumbling end over end.

As the storm subsides we find that the two are alive, although the father has a broken arm. As they try to get their bearings, they find that they are lost in the middle of a forest-- and something is out there.

There is no explanation to it, there's no reasoning, but there is a dragon out in the forest, a ferocious, terrifying, gigantic beast, it can fly, and it breathes fire.

I was thinking about it the other day, and how little dragons are used for actual horror. They usually show up in fantasy stories, and ones usually filled with action. When we see a dragon we normally understand that it is dangerous, but it usually found in a world with magic and armies of soldiers, so while it is sure to kill a few faceless CGI people who haplessly shoot arrows at it along the way, it's never much of a threat-- there's always some sorcerer to fight it, always some knight to climb up on it and stab it in the eye or whatever.

That's not really scary. But if you think about it, it's a monster the size of a dinosaur that can fly and it breathes fire. It should be the most terrifying monster in the world. There should be no epic armies to fight it to even the odds. No stupid magic spells. No old fashioned English dialogue, nothing to take it out of our reality where we can disconnect from just how terrifying this thing is. The main characters are lost in the forest, battling the elements, and, somehow, there is a dragon in the woods around them. The very environment itself can turn from oppressive to hostile just at the monster's whim, and when they actually encounter the beast itself, how do they escape it?

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