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My First And Only Exposure to Dr. Who

Saturday, February 15, 2014

this entry brought to you by atoms for peace, "before your very eyes"

When I was thirteen, a friend of the family gave me a Christmas present unexpectedly. It was a boxed set collection of the original BBC Radio version of Doctor Who, from the 1960s. She knew I liked Monty Python and I liked Star Trek: The Next Generation, and thought I might like this. In retrospect, I totally see why she thought this was a good idea. But just looking at the cover appalled me-- the imagery looked like an even lower budget Lost in Space, with a dumber looking robot and a ridiculous alien that was obviously paper mache prosthetic applied to his face. I put the first tape in and listened for about 12 minutes and it was dreadfully dry, and I turned it off, never to return to it.

I don't watch Dr. Who even to this day, but it strikes me that, had I listened to it in its entirety, I could be OG hipster with it. "Yo, I was down with Dr. Who when there wasn't even any motherfucking pictures, yo! Sheeeeeit!"

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