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Hypothetical Question About a New Pill

Monday, February 10, 2014

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Tomorrow they discover the portion of the brain that activates when people murder, and are able to create a pill that prevents it. You have to take the pill once a month, there are no side effects beyond those of a normal aspirin; in other words, if you take it without a meal it might cause upset stomach, if you take too many of them at once you could OD, etc, but when used as directed it causes no side effects. It is 100 percent effective and it does not cause any effects other than prevent murder. The pill does not cause any other change of emotion-- you can still get angry, have arguments, and maybe even punch a person, but the intent to hurt to harm is completely gone, even under the circumstances of murder of passion.

The catch is that in order for the pill to be 100 percent effective, they need absolutely everyone in the country to take it, and in order to encourage it, they offer a tax incentive-- you'll get an 800 dollar per person refund for every person in the family who participates. Your employer cannot drug test for it, but the police can with a warrant. Your lack of taking it can obviously be used against you if you're ever charged with murder.

Knowing that you are a reasonable person and would never kill anyone, would you bother taking the pill?

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