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Dream About Students Doing Their Greek God Reports

Friday, February 21, 2014

this entry brought to you by the dodos, "undeclared"

I walked into a high school class room, and the students were all paired off, facing one another. The teacher would walk up to each pair, and then the students would start. Each one had researched a Greek god, but didn't tell anyone else what their god was. They would then, Pokemon style, announce what their God would do if they were fighting, and the other would counter attack. The teacher would then grade them on how well they knew their gods, and would give some sort of bonus based on who won the battle.

One student announced "My god lives on top of a mountain, and shoots lightning down at your God!"

The student sitting across from him said "Well my god lives in the Ocean, and causes a huge flood that bashes into your mountain, causing it to crumble!"

When I woke up, one, I realized that what inspired this dream was my sixth grade daughter spending the last month doing a project on Greek Gods; hers was Hestia. Secondly, I realized, with very little tweaking, this would work as an actual project. During each round the students would have to give background information to show how much they researched, but I think other than a few more specifics to the rule, this would be so much fun.

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