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Monday, January 06, 2014

this entry brought to you by my bloody valentine, "if i am"

Although not wearing a name badge, talking to an employee, or standing behind the counter, it's obvious the asshole wearing a button up, collared shirt with a tie walking around at the grocery store is the store manager. Even though he hasn't said a word as he walks around, the red-cheeked, frowning man is clearly not only employed by the company in a salaried position, but also takes his puny, pathetic, nearly useless job way too seriously, and dislikes any of his employees who do not directly suck up to him. Not a single interaction with another human being was witnessed, but it's obvious just from the way he walks around and the worn-in scowl on his face, the man is a walking tool, and in all likelihood, is either cold to or beats his family. Although only seen wandering around, avoiding eye contact, and not actually doing anything work-related, this sad excuse for a human being probably makes a very, very comfortable living, and feels insulted that he doesn't make more, having gone as high up the ladder as he will ever go. This completely useless waste of space is far too stressed while managing an environment that basically runs itself, and would buckle under the pressure of a real job with actual, tangible responsibilities, despite feeling more self entitlement than he is worth.

UPDATE: A customer has approached him and asked him where an item could be, and the pitiful man immediately differed to an hourly employee before scuttling off without making eye contact. This man's refusal to take responsibility for a customer only further encourages the belief that he, in fact, is in a manager position, and not, actually, someone who does not work there.

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