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Watching a Nude Girl, Having an Uncomfortable Boner

Sunday, January 05, 2014

this entry brought to you by radiohead, "dollars and cents"

Say your friend sees a webcam girl who just has the hottest damn body in the world, the kind of body that makes your friend's eyes cartoonishly bug out and stomp his feet. Just an incredibly hot body. And a suuuuuuper cute face. Super. Cute. So cute.

The problem is, he can't shake the feeling that she's a little autistic.

On the one hand, she's a grown up, and of course she gets to feel sexual if she wants. Of course. All people are sexual beings, and if an 18 year old wants to express that sexuality by getting in front of a webcam to show her body, there's nothing wrong with that-- there might actually be something freeing about that, because she's in a safe zone, a webcam where creepy assholes can't grope her the way they would if, say, she worked at a strip club.

But on the other hand, yeaaaaaaah, it's impossible to think she's not missing some of her... facilities.

She dances. And her dancing isn't just awkward like a young girl who doesn't know she can't dance. She dances like somebody who is "special". To the point that your friend's wife deleted it when she initially saw it, and when your friend asked her why, she responded with a disturbed "How can you enjoy that? She looks like she's being forced to dance. I hate it." And your friend says yes, she does look weird, but that's just her dance face. "Iiiiii dunno," said your friend's wife, having just seen a documentary a few days prior on Netflix about women who are forced into indentured servitude through nude webcam performing. "I think she doesn't want to be dancing. I can't watch this if someone's forcing her."

And she's right. She dances like there's a man off screen pointing a gun at her. More specifically, she looks as if she is attempting to express seduction and sexuality, but there's a place in her brain that cannot express that, as if she has difficulty picking up on facial expressions, the way an autistic person might, or definitely someone on the spectrum. And when she talks her speech is just 2 percent off, maybe 5 percent. Not off like a foreigner, just, you know. Off.

But she's so cute. And despite his wife's discomfort, she clearly isn't being forced, because she often starts off at the beginning saying hey, what's up, you guys are going to love this song. She seems enthusiastic, although monotone and inexpressive. Still, she's clearly dancing of her own volition. Who am I to say a sexy girl who is a little off shouldn't be enjoyed just like all the other girls who have all their facilities?

So, the question: Is it fucked up if your friend masturbated to an autistic girl? And if it is, is it less fuck up to masturbate to a girl that isn't that autistic, but is definitely on the spectrum? Hypothetically, I mean.

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