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The Girl Who Suddenly Started Wearing Her Make-Up Differently

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

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There's this girl at work. She's been there the entire six years that I've been there I don't know her that well; I say hi to her and occasionally chat for a few minutes but really, I don't know anything about her. She's tiny (about 4'11), very pretty, and about my age, meaning mid early 30s. She seems friendly enough.

About six months ago she walks in one day with her makeup done like a whore. I dislike describing a woman's looks that way, but it is the most succinct way of describing her. Like a prostitute. And not just like prostitute, like a Shakespearean-era stage prostitute, where the the make up has to say to the people in the back row, "This is a prostitute" without any of the characters saying it.

And she has stayed that way ever since. I find it baffling. Teenagers will, all of the sudden, decide that their look isn't extreme enough. Girls will show up after Christmas break wearing their make up differently than before. But when a woman is above the age of around 22, if they wear a lot of make-up, they are wear-a-lot-of-make-up girl for life, and the only thing that might change is they eventually wear less. And I honestly can't figure out what in the world would make a woman in her thirties promptly decide to wear an extreme amount of make-up when she didn't before. Also, I don't know her well enough to ask "Yo girl, why you look like a ho for six month?"

Perhaps in the past six month she's started dating a scumbag?

"I like it when you do your make up. No, more than that. No, way more than that. You know, like a cartoon version of a whore. Yeah, that's it. More like it. No, keep going. Yes, you look amazing. Also, I'm a human pile of waste."

Or maybe she was dating a man who is legally blind?"

"I cannot tell if you're a male or a female, honey, so could you make sure at all times I'm dating a girl? No, that's not what I'm talking about. You know those masks, where one represents comedy, and one represents drama? I want you to look like that, except on that represents 'Prostitute'. Aaaah, that's more like it. Now I'm in the Legally-Blind-Guy Bone Zone."

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