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People At Work Whom You Don't Work With Daily But Are Assholes

Friday, January 17, 2014

this entry brought to you by nine inch nails, "came back haunted"

Sometimes there's a person at work who wrongs you in a small way or is rude to you, but you don't interact with them directly on a daily basis. And as you cross paths coming out of the bathroom and they don't say "excuse me", you stare at the back of their head hoping if you stare hard enough their head will explode. And when you see them with their ridiculous fucking walk across the office you hope they trip and everyone laughs at them. And when they sit with people you get along with at lunch you wonder how the hell they could stand being around this person, can't they see them for the scum they really are? And every day you see their stupid, unsmiling face, your guts burn more and more and they are a monster and you think horrible things about them that you would never admit to anyone out loud. And then you're forced to work with them for a day and you realize they're not the monsters you made them out to be at all.

They're just regular ol' assholes with miserable lives, and now instead of hating them, they make you sad.

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