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Men Who Hate Women

Friday, January 24, 2014

this entry brought to you by them crooked vultures, "new fang"

I don't spank my children. But I understand beating your children to the extent that I understand the false reasoning behind negative reinforcement. If I spank my child when he does bad things, the next time he does something bad he'll remember it. This is bad reasoning but it makes sense that someone would believe that.

But I cannot fucking understand what has let a society, any society, up until recently but still in way too many places, let its men hit their wives. Grown. Fucking. Adults. And somehow a certain segment of the population thinks it's okay to just hit them. And people just let them do it. People used to say things like, "Well, I think its wrong, but I won't come between a man and his wife."

Its unthinkable as an individual, but what's unfathomable is that people would see that shit in the streets as little as 40 years ago and just let it happen. Every single person you know has a grandma or an aunt or their mom who used to get beat by their husband. How. How was that ever a thing? And of course that shit still happens, but at least as a society we talk about it all the time and we shame men who do these things. But you, personally, know a woman in your fucking family who was beat by her husband and everybody fucking knew it. Disgusting. Unfathomable.

I don't know what it is about the male gender that makes it hate the female gender.

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