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I Don't Hate Selfies

Sunday, January 26, 2014

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You know, if you type "I hate selfies" into Google, you'll see tons of people blabbing on and on about narcissism. And how selfies are the downfall of mankind.

We're in the digital future where we're all connected, and we share inane junk with each other constantly, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that necessarily. I chose to add you to my Facebook friends list, I understand that Facebook is more about sharing moment to moment thoughts and not deep, intriguing discussions, and getting little snippets of life, even as random as they might seem, show you sides of people you wouldn't see because you're not there all the time. As obnoxious as certain things that get shared on Facebook can be in bulk can be, I don't think there's anything wrong with this personal sharing, and I certainly don't see how pictures taken of oneself could possibly make even the top 100 most annoying things in the Internet age.

Take Facebook, for example. I'm connected with someone because I'd like to keep up with them, even if it's just passingly. And there are friends who, for whatever reason, absolutely never post pictures of themselves. Which isn't to say they don't post things-- I still get all sorts of pictures of their food and shit. Tons of pictures of kids. And its like, I want to see pictures of your kids. I do! But I don't want to see no pictures of you, and this goes for both my sexy female friends so I can ogle them and their sexiness, but it also my male friends. I haven't seen you in 15 years for fuck's sake, I would like to know what you look like, I wouldn't mind getting reminders of my friends and what they look like randomly on a random day. Unless your face was torn off by a chimp or you tried to commit suicide with a shotgun to the face and survived, I don't see any reason not to take a fucking selfie every now and again so we can see our fucking friend whom we would like to see more often but, because we are people with separate lives, we can't. I don't care if you frame it so you look less fat. It would be nice to actually see my friend, and not, you know, just cartoons you like in your "pictures" album.

People complain about selfies, but I'll be darned if seeing my friend-- even a person I don't know very well-- maybe taking a dumb picture being silly doesn't bring a smile to my face. God forbid you share it because taking pictures of yourself is narcissistic.

Sometimes as a grown up you'll look through your old physical photo albums and find that, oh, there's exactly one picture of you between the ages of 21 and 25. Its a weird feeling. Its like part of you is missing. You have no physical proof any of it actually happened. Even it's just a head shot with no context it's like, ooh, I remember that day. And you can pinpoint a time and a place and you think about the things surrounding it. When you realize that there's a gap it's like, these things happened but they're in the ether. Its a weird feeling. All because you selfishly refused to have your picture taken because you thought you looked fat or whatever.

And I don't see why it's so selfish to say "I am here." And then share it with people. Certainly it would be weird to take a million pics of yourself and just keep it and never share it. That's weird.

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