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Fat Men Vs. Fat Women In Sexy Costumes

Friday, January 10, 2014

this entry brought to you by arcade fire, "normal person"

There's something about fat women and sexuality that makes our minds react in this weird way. When we see a fat hairy guy dressed as Sailor Moon during Halloween or Comic Con, we assume he's joking and that he's aware of himself. Ha ha, look at that guy, we say. We don't assume he's insane.

When a fat girl is dressed as sailor moon, we assume she has absolutely no idea how fat she is and that she is fooling herself or that she is, frankly, retarded.

With the fat guy, we don't even have to have him dressed as a girl to assume he's joking. He could be dressed as anything that's not supposed to be fat and we don't assume that he's unaware. We don't see Fat Mike Tyson at Halloween and say "oh my god, look at that poor man. He has no idea."

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