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When Fat People Are Assholes

Monday, December 09, 2013

this entry brought to you by foster the people, "pumped up kicks"

Did you ever notice that when you know a fat person really well cubicle buddy and they're super cool, you stop noticing that they're fat? And if anyone ever makes a snide remark about their weight you get super defensive? That you'll cut a motherfucker if they ever mention your fat friend's weight in a derogatory way?

However, if they're assholes, their weight is absolutely the only thing you focus on. "You fat fucking fat fuck, oh my god you're so goddamn fat I swear to god, with your fat fucking fat all over the place, god I hope you fucking choke on a cheeseburger with your fat fuck face you fat piece of shit."

I hope you choke on a cheeseburger. People actually say that about fat people when they hate them. But why would you say that? There's nothing about choking on a cheeseburger that designates "this person was a fat asshole". You eat cheeseburgers! This is a horrible thing that could happen to you or a loved one at virtually any time!

If anything, a fat person is more likely to survive such a scenario, because their throats are so fat!

Why wouldn't you pick something that is more specific to fat people? "I hope you have a heart attack while eating an entire Bloomin' Onion." "I hope you get stuck in the bathtub and die during an accident while being surgically removed." "I hope someone cuts you open and shoves their buddy in your carcass so they don't freeze to death." These are all things that can only happen to fat people!

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