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The Internet Makes Assumptions About Me

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

this entry brought to you by tune-yards, "es-so"

Years ago, in like, 2001, I found a video on the internet that was a really hot girl on webcam masturbating, and two boys of about 19 masturbating with her. It was super hot. And last night I remembered that video and thought I'd try to find it. And, to my surprise, it was one of those searches where the Internet was like "HEY DUDE YOU ARE GAY."

No, Internet. I specifically typed "masturbating to webcam girl" and that shit did not matter. "Two boys masturbating" totally overruled "webcam girl". The Internet said "Nah, its cool, I know you just said 'webcam girl' as cover for your wife if she ever sees your browsing history. You're gay. Its cool. I know lots of gay people."

Now whenever I look up porn that couldn't possibly be misinterpreted as gay-- say, for example, "Busty Hot Girl", Internet will think I'm lying to myself and be ashamed of me.

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