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Getting Into Contact with Someone Who Used To Be Into You And You Didn't Know It

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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You know what the worst thing in the world is? When you get back in contact with someone you haven't seen in ages, and you had no idea that they were into you at the time.

"I had the huuuuuuuugest crush on you!! I just couldn't say anything because I was too intimidated / didn't want my friends making fun of me. We could have been boning down on the reg! Well, I'm married for the third time and have five kids and am a born again christian. Now I think oral sex is a sin! Praise Jesus!"

"Oh my god! I used to be an orgy fanatic. Orgies all the time, that was me! If we had been dating you would have been in orgies on the reg! Yeah, but now, I'm in therapy and things like wild, crazy sex are out of the question. I don't really keep in contact with any of those people any more. They moved locations and I don't remember any of their names or phone numbers, never took photos or videos, and also, sex is boring and I spend most of my time knitting and watching reality television. Sure were wild times, though!"

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