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Did You Know Insurance Companies Didn't Have Standards?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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Did you know that before October 2013, there were absolutely no standards health insurance companies had to follow? Yes, companies had to have some payout to their customers' medical bills, but that is not a "standard". If you did not pay for any medical bills at all, then you wouldn't actually be a health insurance company, because you would have no product. That would be a scam, not a business. But other than the part of "be an actual business", there were no standards. Your customers paid you money and there was almost nothing you couldn't say to deny them coverage.

When somebody complains about Obamacare, that is what they are defending. An entire industry that literally had no standards.

Imagine that we lived in a world where there were absolutely no safety standards for cars, and it was just a matter of life that cars randomly would blow up. Imagine that absolutely everybody knew somebody whose car just blew up with them in it. Then imagine the government, in the year 2013, finally saying, alright, for reals, enough. Cars have to be at least be guaranteed to not just blow up.

And people saying that this took away our freedoms, somehow.

Imagine if the president said "If you like your car, you can keep it!" And then people calling him a liar when the government said actually, you can't drive that car with smoke pouring out of the hood, but we'll give you a car guaranteed not to blow up, and we'll do it for less than the price of the trade-in value of that car that is currently in flames in your driveway at this very moment. Imagine the press pondering out loud that this was somehow the President's "Katrina", even though this was actually helping millions of people from dying, instead of killing them and leaving an entire state in ruins for years afterward, which Katrina did.

Also, there's an entire network that keeps putting person after person on their stupid shows, saying "Here is a real American who, because of the President, is without a car!" And in every single example some guy on a news website took ten minutes to research the stories finds out that these people never even bothered to go to the car lot to see if they could buy a car.

This world makes exactly as much sense as our current world.

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