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Sometimes Being a Liberal Is Annoying

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

this entry brought to you by nine inch nails, "the collector"

I consider myself a super liberal; I feel in my head that I could beat up anyone in a liberal fight, and the only way you could be more liberal than me is if you're planning on assassinating a politician by dropping a ton of mulch you made with your own shit and coffee grounds on them.

But then I am repeatedly reminded that I'm not. I've been hearing the term "LGBTQ" all of the sudden and without any sort of heads up that this was a thing we were all going to do. It confused the shit out of me, and it was only after hearing it for the fourth or fifth time that I realized the "q" stood for "gender queer", and its not like I have any problem with gender queer, but "LGBT" is already enough syllables and sticking a Q in the fucks up the flow. And when we say "LGBT", I don't see what part of that doesn't also imply gender queer and all variations in between without coming right out and saying it. And then I feel like a huge asshole for even thinking that.

Then I was reading something and a straight white male was saying that just because he was a straight white male didn't mean he wanted the project he was promoting to push forward a "bullshit hetero normative cisgender narrative."

Wait, what's this now?? "Cisgender"? Listen, I fucking hate white male hetero normative narratives, I want to punch it in its face, but what the fuck is "cisgender" and why are you just using it like the rest of us got the memo?

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