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Ghosts Are Kinda Bullshit

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

this entry brought to you by the bronx, "too many devils"

My problem with the the idea of ghosts is that it's entirely reliant on other shit that we made up.

"Sometimes when a person dies a ghost can't find its way to heaven, and it gets stuck here on the earthly realm. That's what a ghost is."

Wait, but where is that in the Bible?

Nowhere. It's in nobody's Bible. Even if we assume the Bible is true, none of those things about ghosts come from the Bible at all. This is just some shit that people made up along the way.

But why don't we blame all unexplained things on shit that we made up?

"Derrick, how the hell could Sheila just up and dump you like that? You guys were getting along so well! Pumpkinhead. That's what happened. Fuckin' Pumpkinhead, fucking shit up for errbody. Listen, don't tell me you're so narrow minded. Just because you haven't seen the movie Pumpkinhead doesn't mean that Pumpkinhead didn't break you and your girlfriend up. Open your mind. Pumpkinhead and your girlfriend are boning down on the reg. There are some things science can't explain."

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