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Sitcom Couples Who Don't Have Sex

Saturday, July 27, 2013

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On tv they make married couples seem like its two people who have been together exactly enough time together that they are no longer interested in sex, or that there is one person constantly wanting sex, while the other couldn't be bothered.

In my house its two people who are very, very interested in sex, and just can't because of work schedules and sleep schedules and kid schedules, which in a way is way worse. I want to see that tv sitcom family. The couple that is all sexual pent up frustration and never any release. That can be the big thing in the season finale. "Will they ever get to have sex?? Find out on this season's explosive finale!"
,br> In the season finale, they drug the kids with NyQuil so they can finally have sex. Their friends are completely aghast and can't believe they did that, but the couple genuinely does not care, and think its fine if their friends judge. At least they finally got fucked. Maybe in another season finale they fake a medical emergency so have a neighbor watch the kids so they can get down.

Also, on the one episode a year where they finally do it, they are totally different people, super mellow, super attentive, super caring, not in the least bit selfish or shallow.

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