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Monday, July 29, 2013

this entry brought to you by stereolab, "space moth"

A CD has been left laying in the corner between the entertainment center and the end table for eight days in a row, and has neither been acknowledged, nor moved in that time. A copy of Soundgarden's Superunknown, the compact disc once brought its owner hours upon hours of listening enjoyment with its driving rhythms and angst-ridden vocals, and had been listened to intently in order to find a deeper meaning in the highly metaphorical lyrics. Now, however, it lays, bottom side up and covered in scratches, which was once such an offensive sight it once would have been snatched up with many betrayed swears shouted and caringly put back in its jewel case and proudly put on display on the corner of a CD turnstile.

The CD, once top of the line, is aware that it has become obsolete and doesn't bother wishing for the days when it was once bragged about, it merely wishes that it could be spared the indignity of being seen there on the floor three or four times a day out of the corner of an owner's eye and then completely ignored. If only its presence could be acknowledged by someone who cared to take the energy to throw it in the trash, it could spend the next 500 years in a landfill somewhere with billions of other CDs, to reminisce about the good old days. Instead, it will spend countless days left lonely on the floor, before being picked up and tossed in a box marked "To Be Sold At Garage Sale", and then left in the garage, its existence utterly forgotten about.

The CD prays for a best-case-scenario, the sweet release of a recycling bin, where it might eventually be ground up into dust and put to good use as insulation in a building. However, it is all too depressingly aware that such a might possibly be years away, and might some day be given to a relative after the owner has passed away, who will have no idea what to do with it and stow it away somewhere else instead of granting it the dignity of being given a proper disposal in the garbage.

In other news, an MP3 wonders why it was ever downloaded, if it was just going to be hoarded on a hard drive, never to be listened to, just a file on a computer that makes some arbitrary number of a "collection" grow ever larger.

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