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"You're My Angel", a Song By Aerosmith, a Popular Band

Sunday, March 31, 2013

this entry brought to you by queen, "death on two legs"

In high school, I had a crush on this girl, and thought I would send her the lyrics to Aerosmith's "Angel". She wrote me back saying oh my god, that's so sweet, I'm the sweetest, it's nice to be know a guy with such sensitivity.

I come to find out a week later that she thought I had written that.

Holy shit. I liked her-- I didn't like her that much. I thought "You're my angel" was the exact type of song you dedicate to a girl you like, but I didn't actually mean it, like, as expression of my actual thoughts. Furthermore, this was 1995-- I thought for sure everybody had heard that song and knew it was Aerosmith-- didn't they play it at every single school dance? Furthermore, I actually wrote the chorus phonetically, so it said "Ayyayyayyayyaaan-gel". Yes, I was 16, and you can't put it past a 16 year old to spell out an original lyric that way, but I also thought it would be a dead give away.

Suddenly, this relationship was way more intense than I had ever intended on it being.

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