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Two Thoughts on The New Pope

Friday, March 22, 2013

this entry brought to you by fiona apple, "regret"

1) First of all, I think it's interesting that the new Pope is "the first Latino Pope", except that he looks exactly like all the other old white guys that they elect Pope. In fact, he looks exactly like a slightly fatter Jonathon Pryce, a British man.

They seriously need to make a biopic of the right now, because Jonathan Price is an old man, and he won't look absolutely perfect for the role much longer.

2) Liberals are complaining about all the asshole things that the new Pope has said about gays, but it's kind of like criticizing the President for photo opportunities at a Denny's eating a giant hotdog and drinking local beer. They would not have elected him if he didn't do that shit. At this point, like someone running for office, it doesn't even matter if you mean what you say. If you want to be pope, you just need to make sure you say the dumbest shit possible, and make sure it doesn't deviate at all from all the dumb shit that was said by all the guys before you.

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