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Tax Returns

Sunday, March 24, 2013

this entry brought to you by bjork, "vertebrae by vertebrae"

I don't know what's wrong, but every year for the past, oh, six years, our tax returns have continually getting smaller and smaller. And frankly, I am getting tired of people who I know do not make as much money as me getting larger tax refunds. I am getting tired of people who work at the same as I do, who have not worked there as long as I have, whose spouse also works at the same company and also has not worked there as long as I have, telling me they're installing a new wing on their house with their fucking tax return.

"Have you gotten your tax return yet? We got ours three days ago, so we put a down payment on a humpback whale!"

"You have a 40 inch flatscreen? We just bought one of those with this years tax return! Yeah, its going in our bathroom! We read that moisture warps the screen, but we'll just buy another with next year's tax return!

"With last year's tax refund, I hunted down an attractive young mother and murdered her, and was able to get a high priced lawyer who got us off scot-free!"

"This year we got such a big tax return, we'll be able to pay for one college course for one quarter of a semester. Not the books, though. Nobody's tax return is that big."

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